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This product is available for pre-order.   Your pre-orders help fund the development and successful manufacturing of high quality handmade electronics for a niche market of video freaks.  Pre-orders could always be subject to delays caused by manufacturing issues, quality concerns, or high demand. If you join us for the journey, you become part of team LZX, and we will make this unique instrument possible together!

Dec 4th 2018. Diver is ready to go into production following Memory Palace and Escher Sketch. We anticipate beginning production in early January 2019.

A new concept in pattern generation for video synthesizers. Diver is a single axis waveform sampler and digital effects buffer which translates audio signals to the 2D space of the analog video frame. Any audio source instantly becomes a powerful component of your video synthesis toolbox.

  • Width, 16HP
  • Mounting Depth, 50mm
  • Power +12V @ 180mA
  • Power -12V @ 180mA