LZX does not allow order cancellations, refunds, or returns. This includes advance payments on back-ordered or pre-ordered products. Please be aware that we are a small business and often purchase materials based on your advance payments. Defective or damaged products are covered under our manufacturer warranty and eligible for repair or replacement.

Advance payments may be applied to different products after you order. If you are tired of waiting on a back-ordered or pre-ordered item, we can apply your payment credit to anything we have in stock.

LZX products are covered by our manufacturer warranty for one year following the date of manufacture. This warranty covers any defect in the manufacturing of the product, such as assembly errors or faulty components. This warranty does not
cover any damage or malfunction caused by incorrect use – such as, but not limited to, power cables connected backwards, excessive voltage levels, or exposure to extreme temperature or moisture levels. The warranty covers replacement or repair, as decided by LZX. The cost of returning a product for repair or replacement is paid for by the customer, although LZX often covers return shipping for domestic repairs under warranty. Please contact customer service by emailing support@lzxindustries.net for instructions on returning a product for repair. 

DIY kits and bare printed circuit boards are not covered under any warranty and come with no guarantee of assembly, troubleshooting, or customer support. However, we are nice and will help you when possible. Please post questions regarding kits on the LZX DIY Forum.