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Shipping estimated for Vernal Equinox 2020.
Frontpanel artwork is a work in progress and may change. 
Promotional painting of "Chromagnonfolk with Gary" by Jason Wayne Barnett. YEAH!

Pre-orders will open January 1st.

We’re proud to announce the beginning of our third generation of analogue video synthesizers with the LZX Automata series.  The Automata series instruments continue the precedent set forth by Vidiot as a holistic video synthesis instrument. Beginning with our first release, Chromagnon, each device will be capable of both standalone use or immediate integration into your EuroRack modular.  

  • Standalone and EuroRack out of the box.  Includes an injection molded shell enclosure for standalone use.  Power from EuroRack power header or any 12V DC wall wart.
  • A holistic visual instrument or core module for EuroRack video synthesis. Includes video sync generation, video input w/frame synchronizer, video output interface, complex cartesian processor and quad waveform generators.
  • Multi format visuals. Chromagnon supports several complete workflows within a simple interface: colorization, chroma keying, quadrilateral figure generation, and arbitrary raster generation for scan processing with ILDA lasers and XY displays.
  • Third generation LZX analogue circuitry.  High performance discrete wideband circuitry based on a decade of incremental research and development.