Vessel 168
168HP EuroRack Enclosure With 12V DC Power & Video Sync Distribution

An uncompromising EuroRack enclosure designed specifically for the LZX Industries Gen3 modular series.  Carefully designed to ensure every module can receive a dedicated sync and power connection.

  • 168HP of Vector TS169 module mounting rails with M2.5 tapped strips
  • Entirely metal construction from matte black powder coated aluminum and black oxide hardware
  • 6U rack mountable
  • 65mm mounting depth in any mounting location
  • High wattage DC barrel power entry supporting up to 10 Amps of current with side facing power switch
  • 28 individually filtered 12V power output connectors -- enough to fill the entire case with 6HP modules 
  • 14 individually buffered sync distribution outputs -- supply video sync to your modules without daisy chaining frustration
  • Two mounting locations for expander busboards
  • VESA mounting footprints

Included in the box:

  • Assembled 168HP EuroRack case with busboard
  • 100 pcs M2.5 x 6mm module mounting screws
  • TT Electronics PEAMD120-12-B2 12V 10A power supply w/EMI filtering
  • IEC power cable
  • 7.4 lbs shipping weight with accessories


Width, 168HP
Mounting Depth, 65mm

Power Consumption

+12V @ 10000mA