2023 Year In Review

December 22, 2023 · Lars Larsen
It's Friday... howdy!  As promised in the last post, here is a list of notable milestones we reached at LZX in 2023. 
  • Released TBC2 and caught up on all backorder shipments.
  • Released six new Gen3 modules: Angles, Ribbon, Stacker, Switcher, Factors and Scrolls.
  • Manufactured 4440 surface mount PCB assemblies at LZX HQ, encompassing 30 unique PCB designs across 25 unique modules. 
  • Built a new website with enhanced online documentation, patch video gallery, and backend database for product data management.
  • Completed R&D initiatives related to analog multipliers, high speed comparators, software simulation tools, embedded software libraries, and video rate multiplexing.
  • Completed three revisions of the massive Chromagnon Core PCBA – each prototype getting us closer to production ready.
  • Previewed the Chromagnon prototype at KnobCon 11 in Schaumburg, IL.
  • Streamed over 25 hours of live product demos and video synthesis techniques on Twitch, hosted by Nick.
  • Produced the Lars Explains Ribbons product demo video, which will serve as a template for product demos throughout 2024. 
  • Conceptual design and implementation of Vidiot Halloween Costume.

And the role call included a mixed full and part time cast of:

  • Bootsy, Chief Morale Officer & Employee Of The Year
  • Jonah, PCB Maze Solver
  • Nick, Bootsy's Dad & Shop Boss
  • Andrew, Surface Mounting Maniac
  • Chad, Art Coach
  • Ed, Electro Guru
  • Jason, Coolest Guy We Know & RMA Warden
  • Kat, Road Dog & Illustrator
  • Lars, that's me

My favorite thing about this year was seeing everyone at the company patching regularly, both at work and in their personal artistic lives.  There were lots of lunch break patches on the workshop system and the art gallery on the LZX Discord channel was a constant source of excitement.

Do you have feedback or questions for us?  Shoot an e-mail to sales@lzxindustries.net and we'll answer them in the next post.