Double Visions

February 26, 2024 · Lars Larsen

A quick update for last week.

  • Finished writing firmware drivers for Chromagnon's mux controls. A bit of attention to the rotation waveform generators and we'll be ready to dig into testing the more advanced scaling modes for ILDA. 
  • Chromagnon Core RevG revisions are still a work in progress -- I want to hit a couple more firmware milestones this week before purchasing the board, just to be safe.   
  • Double Vision System is a new packaged version of our modular system.  Last week I integrated serialization tracking into our manufacturing system, so that we can keep track of which module serial numbers are attached to each system serial number.
  • Prototype boards for our new DC Distribution & Sync Busboard arrived, I'm excited to build those up.  This board will be available as an OEM kit and also as part of our new version of the Vessel EuroRack case.  It is double sided, with 28x DC power output jacks, and 14x buffered video sync outputs (and 1x input.)  It also supports 10 Amp DC power brick entry, and has a MOSFET controlled power switch.  So it's beefy enough for 168HP-208HP of Gen3 modules fully loaded.
  • FKG3 is out of stock, but more production is planned, and we'll see it available again in a few weeks.

I will catch up on your questions in the next post!