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Capsule Power Kit

Capsule Power Kit

Capsule Power Kit


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Designed for use in the LZX Vessel, Capsule Power is the ultimate low-noise power solution for your Eurorack case. Whether you are building a custom case, or retrofitting an existing case, Capsule Power is the best choice for powering your LZX modules. Each Capsule provides 1A on both positive and negative 12V rails, for 2A of total power for this kit.

Kit Includes

  • 2x 30w LZX-built capsule boards, +/- 12V @ 1A each
  • 1x Molex capsule link cable
  • 1x 36” DC barrel 2.1mm jumper cable
  • 1x Dc Distro power entry module with switch (4HP)
  • 1x 100w 2.5mm Cincon power brick
  • 8x 3D printed standoffs for mounting Capsule boards
  • Installation instructions